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-What to expect on the day-

I love the quirky moments that happen on every wedding day, and I love real and raw emotions. It's important to me to capture the emotions of your day, the laughs, the smiles, the happy tears. 

A small and emotional wedding day will have a very different vibe to a 150-guest wedding with granny dancing on a table… And so the photographs shouldn’t look the same, either. If you can flick through your wedding album on your tenth anniversary and FEEL what it was like to be at your wedding, then I’ve done my job well!

Now here’s the thing, I won't make you pose for hours on end. Taking loads of stylised shots is not my style. With all that being said, do I refuse to do formal photos? Absolutely not! I do, however, try to limit them to a few key shots so you and your guests can enjoy the day, rather than spend half of your afternoon stood in a line smiling at the camera.


-Getting Ready-

During your preparations (one of you, or both if we have the time) I will capture everything naturally, as it happens. The happiness, laughs and the tears. I will just be there, to photograph the moments so you have a record of your last few hours, with your closest friends and family, before your ceremony.  

-The Ceremony-

I will capture your ceremony discreetly, without interruptions or distractions. I aim to get images of all of the special moments, like the first glance and the first kiss. There will be no camera flashes and you won't even know that I am there. 


-Drinks Reception-

This is where the fun starts. As a newly married couple you will want to spend time with your family and friends. The drinks will be flowing, and I will be there to capture those moments. I won't be whisking you away to get posed couple shots until you've had some time to relax. 

-Couples and Groups-

I do capture couple and group shots. My style is natural and unposed. If there is a funny moment, all the better. I recommend up to a maximum of 5 of 6 group shots (but can do more) to ensure you don't spend ages having photos taken, if you don't want to.